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The best places to watch Condors

Peru is not only massive canyons, snow as far as your eyes can see, lakes as blue as the sky and colorful rainforests. Peru is also a biodiverse wildlife. Alpacas, monkeys and pink dolphins are just some animals you might encounter. And while you should probably avoid to be in the presence of bears or tigers, we highly recommend you to look out for the king of the skies, the biggest flying bird on our planet: the Andean Condor.

3,3 meters orabout 11 foot. That is the wingspan of the Andean Condor, nearly the length of a Hyundai i10 city car. In addition it reaches a height up to the size of a 7- year old kid. The Condor is part of the Andean identity and a symbol of freedom, representing the fight against the Spanish colonizers in the 16th century. The majestic bird is an endangered species, with less than 13.000 animals left. We tell you where you will nevertheless be able to observe the Andean Condor.

Extremely deep Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon close to Arequipa is worth a visit itself. The impressive canyon is the second deepest in the world and features lush, green forests and sheer cliffs rising into the sky. It also is undoubtedly the best spot in all of Peru to witness the Andean Condor in its natural environment. Hundreds of them are nesting in the depths of the Canyon. The best time of the day to admire the royal animals is right in the morning, between 8am and 10am. This is due to the rising sun and the clearing fog, creating nice conditions for the Condors to fly. Close to Arequipa you will find even more viewpoints. In the Aguada Blanca reserve currently more than 200 majesties of the sky nest. So get up early and and admire!

Tranquility of Chonta Canyon

The national parks close to the city of Abancay inhabits hundreds of Condors. In between Abancay and Cusco lies the Chonta Canyon. Here, the Andean Condors find the perfect living conditions with Apurimac River streaming through a steep valley. Look out for the “Chonts Mirador de Condores”, a viewpoint just made for what you are looking for. With less people frequenting this Canyon, you will be able to observe the majestic creatures in the tranquility of the Andes mountain range.

The Biggest Ones at Mayobamba Canyon

The Canyon of Mayobamba is one of the better ones to observe the Andean Condors. Here some of the biggest exemplar live in a high population. The closer you are to Sondondo River, the better. There, the birds venture as close as ten meters or 30 foot on you, granting you spectacular views.

Skylodge 1.300 feet above the ground

Why not look out for Condors while casually hanging down a hundred meter high cliff? The Skylodge Adventure Suites close to Cusco dangles 1.300 feet above the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley. Not a cheap experience. The glass box costs about 340$ a night, but grants you a stunning panorama and close views of the Andean Condor. They like to nest right above the glass lodge, so don’t be surprised if you wake up some morning staring into a birds eyes. Nothing for faint-hearted!

Hike through the Condors Natural Territory

The Condor is inhabiting the Andes, therefor your best chances to see one is to spend some time in the mountains. Take a trail through the Huascaràn National Park or hike the Sacred Valley and simply explore the sovereign territory of the royal of the skies. All of the Santa Cruz Trek, the famous Inca Trail or the Salkantay Hike take you deep into the Andes mountain ranges.

Camp underneath the night skies, climb snowy peaks and turn your lookout for Condors into an adventure!

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