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How to enjoy a fancy getaway to Peru?

Peru is a special country where you can be surprised every day in your visit. One day you will be taking llama pictures and the other you will be hiking to Machu Picchu. However, you prefer something fancy for your taste, not trite itineraries. There are several ways to turn your getaway from a standard trip into an unforgettable, unique experience. Take your senses to the maximum level in the land of the Incas.

Fancy days in dreamland locations

No alarm clock will interrupt your sleep whatsoever, but instead warm sunbeams and a soft and crisp linen will welcome you to a new day in your destination. Lima or Cuzco, all the main cities offer high-quality accommodations balancing local culture and comfort for you and your travel companion in your getaway.

The big metropolis, Lima, is the first city in most schedules. Luxurious choices like Wyndham Costa del Sol or Swisshotel are a treat for affordable budgets. Solo travelers can get a fancy stay enjoying a spa morning, sunbathing in terrace pools or enjoy private workstations. Families should not worry as most of these hotels are close to the airport and located in totally secure areas, surrounded by exclusive stores and the beauty of nature in parks.

Cuzco, the center of the Andean world, looks as a small town with an exquisite mixture of old architecture and modern pleasure. Such sense is also conserved in hotels like Palacio del Inka or the Aranwa Cusco Boutique, where the elegance of old mansions considered as historical landmarks with modern facilities and services for your comfort as oxygen source in the room, original pieces of art and spacious work desks for business travelers.

Your visit to Machu Picchu can also reach a real degree of fanciness in the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge. Botanical fabrics in your bed, the mountains in your window, the comfort and luxury all around you. Instead of doing queues, start your tour just next to the citadel and keep your stylish stay with a lush orchid garden and signature dishes for all of you to delight with.

Glamour Outdoors in your Getaway

Hiking and other adventure sports are available in Peru. If you feel like having a burst of adrenaline in your blood without carrying heavy backpacks or setting your tent by yourself, glamping is what you are looking for.

The Inca Trail, the iconic trek in Peru and South America, requires a moderate effort of hikers to be completed, however your glamping tour will combine the satisfaction of being victorious over the stone steps, the awe of understanding the perfection of Inca architecture, the ease in your trek as your belongings are carried safely by our staff, the knowledge of our professional tour guides, and the attentive service in your special dinning tent and dormitory tent. Why not tasting wilderness, history and style at the same time in this fancy getaway?

The Best of Peruvian Gourmet

Have you realized you will be in the nation of one of the trendiest cooking culture in the world? Outstanding elegance and lovely traditions are intertwined in top-notch restaurants like Maido and Central. These two treasures for foodies looking for adventures for their taste buds are in the top positions in the Top 50 Best Restaurants lists. Enjoy the astonishing variety of potatoes from the highlands, the blessing of grape in a Pisco Sour, or the true flavor of Peruvian ceviche conceived by world-class famous local chefs.

Luxury in food is outside restaurants as well. A getaway in an Amazonian cruise is a treat including meals brought to life with the passion, creativity and vocation of professional chefs on board and with the most delicious forms of life transformed into fruits, fish and vegetables. Have you considered having a glamorous lunch with the landscape of the Amazonas River surrounding you?

You can also get something different for your next journey, being one of the protagonists of Peruvian cuisine and learn the classic recipes in cooking lessons for travelers. Beginners and experts will be glad to have the real ingredients for Ceviche or Lomo Saltado in their hands transforming into the awarded flavors of Peru.

Exclusive Guides in Private Tours

One of the most special ways of enjoying a place is revealing all its secrets. A knowledgeable local guide, with lots of books read, several paths hiked and a big amount of experiences in his pocket will be able to be next to you and show you the true uniqueness of each single detail of your getaway.

Naturalist guides in private tours have their observation skills fully developed to spot the species you crave watching in the Amazonian forest even as he tells you the secret folk tales of the local tribes. If it is your first time using binoculars or hiking poles, these guides are ready to help you out in a very kind and serious way to make you discover by yourself the secret haunts of condors in the mountains in a fancy visit.

Inquisitive travelers will find a paradisiac getaway with historian guides who will lead your time travel across paintings, historical buildings, mummies in museums, or private Inca ceramic collections. No guidebook will be as deep understanding of this new different and unique reality as a real human, sharing his love for his land through knowledge.

A fancy getaway is in harmony with your expectations. Getting what you need before you even know it is a signal of reaching real fanciness during your trip. View Latin America understands the level of quality you require in your wished journey in Peru. Trust us your vacations, and be surprised every moment in your days in the land of the Incas.

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